Toilets ‘Round the World.

The fanciest toilet I ever found was in Hiroshima, Japan: a sit-down with 2 arm-rests full of controls. It was Japanese to me, but I pushed the buttons anyway and found I could warm the seat, deodorize the area, start a fountain similar to a bidet, blow dry air and play music. A faucet over the tank seemed awkward to me, so I used the regular sink instead.

Japanese Toilet

Japanese Toilet

No, my hosts never knew I was taking pictures of their bathroom.

Some toilets, especially those equipped with a bidet, come with a remote control.

Kohler C3 Series Toilet Seats Offer Hands-Free Butt-Washing, American Style

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Japanese toilet, Tokyo Hotel

Japanese toilet, Tokyo Hotel

I found this Japanese squat toilet in a Tokyo hotel.

It played music automatically while I used it, and then as I stood up, it flushed.

It was a swanky hotel so I was surprised- I had always associated squat toilets with poverty.

Turkish squat toilet

Turkish squat toilet


This is the squat toilet in my Nevsehir, Turkey apartment. As described in The Word Not Spoken the toilets in an apartment building are attached to the same drain pipe. There is no need for a flush. The smells coming out of the small cement room are noted by Leigh more than once.


The toilet paper on a nail was my Cdn. touch, but the pitcher was there for family and friends who filled it with water and washed instead of wiped.



The simplest rest stop I found was near Alleppey, Kerala (India) on a backwater boat journey. When our boat stopped for a small thali on a banana leaf for lunch, I was directed to a nearby bamboo screen in answer to “Toilet please?”.

I walked down the beach and looked behind the bamboo screen but saw nothing there. I returned to the outdoor table where my banana leaf waited and asked again.

The tiny waiter pointed impatiently. “There!”

“I don’t think so,” I murmured to a travel companion. “There’s nothing behind it.”

“That’s it!” The more experienced traveller insisted. “Go in the sand and cover it up.”

So I did. I imagined they moved the screen periodically.


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The grossest bathroom ever:  On a mountain for the pilgrims who journeyed to a remote temple in Northern India. I smelled it long before I reached the door of a small concrete building. Two stalls without doors or toilets. Simply a floor tilted slightly toward the front and a small trough where refuse was intended to gather and be removed by someone who had apparently quit this, the worst job in the world, long ago.
The floor within and without the stalls were slippery with waste. Some places quite deep. In fact, it seemed dangerous to wade into it and squat. The “sink” was a stone trough at waist height near the door filled with green stagnant slimy water. There were no faucets or water source nearby.

The place was quite desolate and I was alone there, so I chose an out of the way spot in Mother Nature rather than step into that concrete-boxed cesspool.

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I first ran into floors used as toilets in a train station in Northwest India. The women’s bathroom was 3 stalls without doors. By habit, I chose to face forward when I squatted on the clean tiled floor that sloped toward a trough that ran in front of all 3 stalls. To my absolute dismay, a women with a broom rushed in to clean it as I was leaving. No matter how enormous, the tip I gave her couldn’t erase the shame I felt.

Still, as that train carried me to Jaipur, I saw men and women from nearby slums squatting on tracks parallel to mine, using the area as a long latrine. I turned my head to give them privacy.

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I had to replace an old water-guzzling toilet recently. I chose a middle-of-the-line model that economizes water ($225). I am grateful when I flush it – always – but I wish it used river water instead of treated water…you know, when so few of us in the world have access to clean water and sanitation.

Goals and Gifts

Goals and Gifts

published by Tone Magazine Jan. 2013

Usually I write about using energy to heal physical and emotional symptoms but it is also useful to reach goals. For example, I’m publishing a book and energy work has helped me remove blocks that were slowing me down (anxiety, fears around success, letting go, etc.)

Female, 37, unemployed:

“I’m ready, willing and able to get the job I want” led (by muscle-testing through lists of options) to façade procedure (Tone, Dec. 2010). In this case, I cracked open the façade of “blocked” and stepped aside for Buddha to tend to her.

Afterwards, Buddha presented a black box (which I saw clairvoyantly). I opened it and saw a bracelet of small black obsidian beads. I was instructed to place this on her right wrist and was told that it would continue to clear blocks.

The client said she’d been “stuck” for several months with no interviews or real prospects in her field. Since then (a month ago) she’s received 3 short freelance projects. They weren’t well-paid, but they have resulted in networking and increased confidence. She found a picture of her bracelet online and posted it on her desktop.

Male, 42:

“David” was hoping for spiritual insights, in particular, the identity of his Ascendant Master.

His session started with purple-robed St. Germaine clearing the façade of “struggle”. St. Germaine stayed as I was guided to clear blocks in chakras and organs, most interestingly, a black mass from David’s third eye that had been getting in the way of his second sight.

David saw colours during the healing, especially purple. Of course, he learned that St. Germaine, Chohan of the violet ray is his Ascendant Master. There was great joy and gratitude from both of them as they connected.

Female, in an abusive relationship:

She was given a bullet-proof vest by St. Germaine.

Female, 27:

“Bev”’s grandmother showed up at her healing as a heavy short mass of love at the side of the treatment table. I felt her but didn’t see her. Muscle-testing told me that she had a message for her granddaughter. I was shown a brilliant formal bouquet of red roses and white lilies. It was offered to Bev with extraordinary love. I relayed the message: She was proud of Bev, awestruck by her development into a beautiful woman. I had the feeling that this was a bride’s bouquet.

The choice of flowers was meaningful to Bev, who later confided that she and her partner had discussed marriage recently.

Female, 56:

“Fran” is becoming a healer. We are both students of the Ascendant Master, El Morya.

In one session, El Morya “downloaded” light into Fran causing her squirm and stretch on the treatment table. When it was over, I was told this light would increase Fran’s psychic and healing abilities.

El Morya then presented her with a golden chalice. She sat up, held it in her hands (no, she couldn’t see it), and drank the contents. (She didn’t taste it, but the 3 times I drank from a chalice it was heavy and thick, like drinking barium.) She was told that this was knowledge and a congratulatory gift for achieving this new level.

All of the above sessions also involved procedures that I do all the time: B.O.S., Comprehensive healing, Reconnective healing and others, but more and more gifts and visitors are arriving during sessions. They are real blessings for clients and I’m grateful for these new developments.

I give thanks to my teachers and helpers.

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Ascendant Master, El Morya