Happy Solstice!

Winter Solstice

Mud Lake at dusk, Dec. 21

Mud Lake at dusk, Dec. 21

We cannot know light without knowing darkness. We cannot know abundance without knowing lack. Contraction teaches expansion, fear teaches love. Opposites. Our reality is a study of duality. Our loneliness is a yearning for unity.

“Your hand opens and closes, and opens and closes.                                                      If it were always a fist or always stretched open
you would be paralyzed.
Your deepest presence
is in every small contraction and expansion,
the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated
as bird wings.”                                                           – Rumi 

This season of lack is not to be despised or feared or negated.  This is a time to appreciate the cycles of our lives, this moment in this season.

I see Christmas hoopla as a vain attempt to stamp out the days of darkness and scarcity: the blinking lights, the noise, the excess and over-indulgence. Many people speak of a feeling of emptiness that accompanies the frenzy, and a fatigue that pervades. That was my experience too.

It has taken some years and some effort for me to welcome this time of darkness. It was a challenge to love the darkness as much as the light, not to fight it but to accept its turn. There is something simple about dearth, something sacred about the stillness. It is, after all, a time of rest: hibernation and fasting.

I celebrate Winter Solstice by giving up electricity for the day, burning candles and using the woodstove for heat and cooking. I will smudge the house with white sage. I will walk in the wintery woods and feed the chickadees and nuthatches and squirrels. I will stand at the edge of the river at dusk and thank God for the beauty of Mother Earth and my time here. I will be serving local winter foods- trout, potato latkes, borscht and bread, hard cheese and pickles. In summer, I bottle one jar of fresh peaches especially for the longest night- a light taste that reassures me: summer solstice is on its way now, and the days will steadily lengthen.

I wish you deep rest and quiet peace these dark days of winter.

Mud Lake at dusk, Dec. 21

Mud Lake at dusk, Dec. 21

Treating Lyme Disease

I like you

I like you

Lyme Disease Treatment by Laurie Fraser

edited (shorter) version first published by Tone Magazine Summer 2012

Ahh… my old friend lyme has come to visit me again. After 6 years of health, it has re-emerged, as lyme is wont to do. Well, it’s not the mystery that it was 8 1/2 years ago. It took days to diagnose this time, as opposed to 15 months last time, and I expect to heal rapidly.

That’s the first hurdle with lyme: diagnosis. The ELISA test is unreliable; get a Western Blot test. Lyme presents differently in all of us but often includes deep fatigue, night sweats, chills, joint pain, muscle ache, swollen glands, Bell’s Palsy, balance issues, brain fog… and more. I have a co-infection as well—Babesia—so add headache, shortness of breath and nausea. Other common co-infections are Bartonella (sore feet) and Ehrlichia.

So what to do? My doctor says Ottawa is a hotbed for lyme (caused by a tick bite) and I have several clients recovering from it. I approach it from all angles.

1. Drugs: This is the time to use antibiotics. Generally Doxycycline does the trick but if the lyme is chronic, diagnosed late, or complicated by a co-infection antibiotics might be varied and high-dose. Babesia requires an anti-malarial.

2. Homeopathic remedies: Lyme disease nosode, A-Bab, ledum, pyrogenium, staphosagria, lyme disease nosode, myristica. For pain: arnica, ruta and causticum

3. Supplements and vitamins: A, B6, B12, C, D, probiotics, Spirulina, fish oil, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Green tea extract, SAMe, Cat`s Claw (Samento), Serrapeptase, Japanese knotweed, Ginseng tea, bitters, grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil to name a few. Some of these are quite potent and may not be for you—check with a naturopath. Check tissue salts- commonly Kali Phos is required.

4. Food: No to sugar, oil, fats, yeast, gluten

Yes to fresh greens, especially dandelion leaves and parsley, proteins

5. Light work. Visit www.tomkenyon.com (click on Hathors) to learn a simple healing method called `Medicines of Light` that you can do yourself. I did it 3 times for lyme and 9 for babesia.

6. B.O.S. (Biocomputer Operating System) Hundreds of procedures including those for pain and infections. I do this work part time and I`m able to work on myself. I use muscle-testing to communicate with the client`s energy and find my way through menus and sub-menus until I come to a correction that the energy wants. It prioritizes, not I.

In my case, my energy led to:

-anxiety procedure


-boundary work

-chakra balances

-pathogen procedures

-pain (turn to page 25) procedures

7.  Spiritual procedures- I build a pillar of light around the treatment table, open the navel, (energetically), and pull out zillions of bacteria who float up the pillar of light where they`re assisted by Archangel Micheal. I send them with love and gratitude. This is not a war. These little visitors have many lessons to teach.

– I use an energetic blue sword given to me by my Ascended Master, El Morya, to clear and to send lightening bolts into the root chakra (a re-boot) and the liver (eases pain).

8. Comprehensive healing (Tone Magazine, June 2012 turn to page 14): In a meditation I grew to a great size and saw a holographic image of myself as a white rabbit. I caught her and held her in my cupped palms, while in a place of Divine love and unity. Light saturated her: green, blues and she became a white rose. I waited and the rose was replaced by an image of fire. The fire eventually became a transparent light, like heat off a road, and I placed this light in my heart.

9. Façade healing (Tone Magazine, Dec. 2010). Divine Teachers and healers come in response to the facade prayer (see Susan Chumsky) and work directly on the client. For me- Jesus came to remove the façade of “invaded“.

10.  Powerful reiki by Susan Walker at Mother Earth.

11. Vonner protocol and Cowden’s protocol- good stuff, but expensive. Byron White’s A-L Complex. Again, hard to get and expensive, but effective. Order these things online.

12. AN-DI machine if you can find one.

13. LDA. This approaches lyme disease as something that the immune system has over-reacted to, causing autoimmune symptoms. It treats lyme similar to an allergy instead of as an infection. If you can’t get LDA treatment, you can use supplements, vitamins and food to sooth and calm your immune system: Cat’s claw, the B vitamins, alkaline diet, various detoxes (it’s the toxins that hurt), fish oil, meditation etc. Avoid stress. Research ways of reducing inflammation.

14. Chinese herbs: Lycopus/ bugleweed (Ze Lan) and Dryopteridis (Guan Zhong). Be sure to get directions from a Chinese pharmacist or doctor (poisonous in the wrong dose).

*** No massage or yoga during systemic infections- it just spreads the bacteria around. Avoid astragalus and other means of alerting or “boosting” the immune system.

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I give thanks to Crow, Blue Jay, El Morya, Jesus, my Ba, Snake, Lynx, Wolf, Mother Mary, and to Archangel Michael and Elohim.

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