Cold Tofu – Japanese and Korean Versions

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Both recipes use silken tofu. This delicate tofu comes in a small plastic container. Remove the plastic cover and drain the tofu, then rinse by pouring a bit of fresh water over it and draining gently.

Cut the tofu into serving squares. Tofu is fairly tasteless, but soaks up flavour easily, so cut the squares small- about an inch or 2.

Cover with a few spoonfuls of sauce and serve cold. Refreshing on a summer’s day.

Japanese sauce:

What is simpler than pouring some tamari sauce (or a little soy sauce thinned with water) over the tofu and sprinkling with chopped green onion?

I was in a bar in Hiroshima and this was the complimentary snack. Better than peanuts!

Korean sauce:

Slightly more effort as you will need a pot and some heat.

Into a small pot:

½  cup tamari sauce (or ¼  cup soy sauce and ¼  cup water)

1 teaspoon honey

2 chopped cloves of garlic

Chili to taste

Optional: chopped green onion

Heat for a few moments, then spoon over cold silken tofu squares.

Another option- throw chopped firm tofu into the pot (or fry pan), heat in the sauce and stir.

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