About Laurie

Laurie Fraser

Laurie Fraser is a writer who married a Kurd in Turkey in the 1990s.

She backpacked through many countries and worked in a few, but now she is back home in Ottawa, Canada where she works as an ESL teacher and a healer.


The Word Not Spoken is her first novel. Chapter 24 was published in an anthology: Sunday Afternoon, Kobe, Japan, 1998. Fraser has published poems in “little places” and won the Lillian I. Found Award for lyric poetry many years ago.



Laurie is currently writing some non-fiction, From What I Can Tell – A Healer’s Observations. Excerpts are appearing here as blogs.

The current obsession though, is a collection of short stories with an indigenous influence, called The Animals of Bangan Forest. Take a peek here.

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