Discussion Questions

  1. Animals are placed with care. Which character corresponds with dogs? What does the bunny represent? Find the animals and determine their meaning in the story.
  2. What role does water play in the novel?
  3. The colours in a scene, especially of clothes, are connected to the chakra work that’s going on. Look at why certain colours were chosen for particular situations.
  4. What parts of the story does Ahmet write? What are the signals that Ahmet has taken over the writing? What is his writing style?
  5. What facts does the reader know for certain have been altered by Leigh and Ahmet?
  6. Is Leigh living a fairy tale? Would you leave your culture, or the familiar, for love? Is it a sacrifice if you do it for love? What is essential to never abandon, in your opinion? What will you do for love?
  7. Under what (if any) circumstances, do oppressed people have the right to use violence? What is the difference between terrorism and guerrilla warfare? What are the solutions to the Kurdish problem? What is their situation today- in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran?
  8. Is infidelity ever acceptable? Is it forgivable? Leigh says she wanted to think for herself, without being influenced by cultural attitudes. Is it possible?
  9. Leigh lives by her own set of spiritual rules. Find these in the story and consider their value. Does she break from her own beliefs when she leaves Ahmet? What evidence do we have of Ahmet’s spirituality?