Thanks Laurie, for working your magic again. Mom is calmer and more motivated. -B.M., New Brunswick


I was working with another healer and noticed that it only went so far and that I needed something more. I found Laurie and she was able to to get to those issues I knew I needed help with. Now, those enegetic blockages are gone- I feel more comfortable, less allergic, and able to breathe more easily that I have in years.

Looking back, there were some anecdotes like the time 2 of my ancestors showed up for healing and the space around us suddenly filled with the unmistakable smell of manure.

I have not been the only one to benefit and have also had energy work done on my cat and my family. I can attest that the energy work done on my husband, and the effect it had on his mental health was nothing short of a miracle for us. So I guess you could say we have no doubts about Laurie’s energy facilitation, intuitive strength, and integrity. She has helped us through some amazing healing opportunities that we are very grateful for. Because of this, we have been able to take what we have learned and pass it on to our families. Thank you Laurie for being you and for what you do.” -M.B., Ottawa


“My 2 children and I have had healings from Laurie Fraser during the last 6 years.
Laurie has healed me by removing anger, sadness, emotional pain and negativity.
Laurie has healed  my children’s recovery from a painful past.
I highly recommend Laurie Fraser as a healer. She is the real deal!” – Deb, Ottawa
“Quand je me suis cassée le bras, la douleur était forte, je ne pouvais plus dormir, tant la position couchée m’était inconfortable. Juste près le  traitement de Laurie, impossible de tenir en place et pendant une heure j’ai fait les cent pas dans la maison. Puis la fatigue est venue et j’ai dormi plusieurs heures, le matin et l’après-midi et cela pendant plusieurs jours. Quel soulagement, quelle expérience bénéfique. La douleur était plus sourde, je me sentais plus calme, moins anxieuse. J’ai reçu d’autres traitements de Laurie après le retrait d’une tumeur cancéreuse du sein et mes reactions ont été identiques. Merci infiniment Laurie de m’avoir apporté soulagement physique et réconfort moral dans ces moments de détresse.”  M.C., Vancouver, long distance healing.  
“That was quite a ride!”
E.C. South France – a client who is sensitive to energy and was able to feel the healing as it happened long distance.
 DSC02941 (2)
Thank you so much for asking after Bobby. I think he had a much more comfortable night last night, however, today he really didn’t want to move much. We put his water and food bowl closer so he doesn’t have to struggle to get there. I feel he is at peace as a result of your session, quieter, more relaxed. – C.A., Ottawa re: long distance healing on pet.   
Thank you so much for this session.  Such a beautiful ending!!!
Originally when I first requested this session, X. had severely injured his knee in hockey and had x-rays taken on Thursday.  When he woke up this afternoon after a nap, he said his knee was doing much better and wasn’t as bad as he thought. – M.P. after a long distance healing on her husband. (Notes were sent by email.)
Hi Laurie- I just wanted to give you feedback from the session for M.!
Since her healing session, a lot of positive things have happened in her life!
She’s feeling a lot better (less emotional), she got a NEW JOB and she moved into a new apartment! 
I can’t thank you enough for doing this session for her!  Her Mom is soooooo relieved!
So on everyone’s behalf, I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU !!!!!
We really appreciate the healing session! – J.L., Ottawa, long distance healing on a depressed young adult who was “stuck and not moving on with her life.”  
Thank you , Laurie.
What you have done is very important to us.  – J.C.M.
Thanks again for accommodating me on Friday. The treatment really made a difference this time – even more than last time. I felt better right away and still do. Hopefully I can maintain it and my mood continues to improve. – A.J., Ottawa  
Dear Laurie
Today was very special for me because of you and your
glorious unique healing abilities.
Thank you for all the intense, unique, spiritual experiences
and healings that you have given me and my children
No one in this world is gifted in the ways you are gifted.
Your spiritual abilities are increasing and expanding exponentially.
I am in awe of you, beautiful Laurie,  and I genuinely adore you.
I will remember and appreciate your beautiful Thai lunch for the
rest of my life, as well as all of my spectacular healings from you.
I am asking Mother Mary and Mary Magdeline to shower you with blessings and healings.
I hold you in the highest esteem  -C.D., White Lake
Thank you for the amazing healing.  It touched me on many levels, and resonated so much.  I still feel the tingles from the healing.  You have a true gift and I’m so blessed that you are in my life.  Already I have found a change in something and I will save that for next session to tell you. – K.S., Ottawa
thanks for that…you’re pretty good. -G.B., Gatineau   
dear laurie
the residual energy of the trauma is almost completely gone, most of it last night. earlier this evening jesus came to me. like a golden shining star. he has been shining on me ever since. it is only joy and love that is coming thru now, The higher self in me is blessing all, grateful to all.
when I was watching “america got talent” I felt no anxiety for the performers. I didn’t feel fear that they might screw up, being shamed or judged. The fear is gone and I feel it is permanent.
my spine is also much more relaxed.
god bless
may you always feel happiness – M.M., Ottawa
Thanks so much for the healing Laurie.  Dad is a lot better this afternoon. Calm and more cooperative with staff. We’ll be seeing his doctor on Thursday for a full physical and we’ll definitely follow up on the infection and his respiratory system. -L.O., Ottawa re: healing on Alzheimer’s patient. The man cannot speak, but his energy asked for medication for lung infection. Eventually, he was given a round of antibiotics.
hammock view

hammock view

“We had a session together a year ago, and I really have had positive life changes since then. Thank you for that. I no longer experience night terrors and have quit all drugs and alcohol successfully, one day at a time.”       D.C., Tennessee

Dearest Laurie: If Topaz (a cat) could talk, I am sure she would say she is grateful to you for helping relieve her suffering and sadness. I’m grateful you relieved some of mine!” T.G. Montréal, written in a thank you card.

Dear Laurie, Thank you so much for the healing session. I am so grateful that I have your support through my journey!   L.J. Ottawa

“_____________ is doing so much better! We are so relieved! THANK YOU! He is a different dog- much calmer. I can tell the pain is less now. He’s sleeping now, thank God.”  J.D.