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Healing with Laurie

What is it?

I communicate with your energy using muscle-testing. Your energy tells me what to work on and which healing method to use first. I know many methods of healing and I’m always learning something new. Your energy can choose any of these methods. I always do what your energy tells me to do- that’s why I get such great results.

I am almost always removing dysfuntional energy or old stuck emotion (same thing, really). Your energy tells me where the dysfunctional is (usually an organ or chakra) and how to remove it.

If you think about it- what is that energy that I am communicating with? Some call it their Higher Self or Universal Knowledge or soul or authentic self- whatever you call it, it is the part of you that never dies. That energy is intelligent. It knows what’s wrong with you and it knows how to fix it.

I am clairvoyant. This provides additional information, but I don’t try to interpret it. I muscle-test to verify the message and the action requested by your energy.

Healing modalities that I know:

B.O.S. (Biocomputer Operating System by Harvey Steel) Certified by Steel Health Centre, 2005

Intuitive medical, Pillar of Light (turn to page 14), Sound healing, Crystals, Past life healing (turn to page 46), Soul retrieval, Crossing Over Support. Certified by Phoenix Rising Healing Centre, 2006

Facade healing, (Divine Revelation- Susan Shumsky) since 2008; I created a better version of this in 2020.

Reconnective Healing (Eric Pearl) since 2008

Holographic Healing since 2009. More info here.(turn to page 7)

Comprehensive Healing (turn to page 14), Scaffolding (energetic supports) since 2013

Look & Fix since 2018

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What is a session like?

You arrive in a mask and we hang out in my kitchen for a while to talk about what is making you uncomfortable. (It’s not necessary to tell me, but most people like to do this.) The energy will tell me anyway. For example, I work on your headache, but your energy points to an old trauma; I must clear the old trauma first. Then we get to the headache. I don’t need to know details about the trauma in order to remove it.

You will be lying face up on a massage table. I work around you, without touching you. Your energy selects a healing method. I do that and then drain the dysfunctional energy that was addressed. Then I am directed to do the next method. I do that and drain. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I continue to do various healing methods on the areas requested until I am told to stop.

Basically, there are many causes to your headache and each method takes me to a different cause, until all of the causes are removed and your headache disappears.

For some healing methods, my eyes are closed and I am quiet. For others, I need your participation and will ask you to tell me where it hurts or to breathe with me, for example. I always let you know what’s going on because it’s so interesting! Every session is different.

If we get into a past life, I will take notes and you will leave with something like this:

male, China, 1535- 1574, married, farmer, bad injury, bloody leg became infected and caused slow death. Connection to this life is chronic pain.

(I remove the past life energy and pain in the current body decreases. It is one cause of the pain.)

A session is about 40 minutes long. I move pretty fast because I don’t want to be in your energy more than 45 minutes. When we add the chatting before and afterwards, most people are here 1.5 hours. Clients who are not feeling social can be in and out in an hour.

Afterwards, we head back to the kitchen table to review the healing, answer questions and decompress.

How will I feel afterwards?

Common reactions include feeling quiet and calm, reflective. People often report an immediate decrease in pain- physical and emotional. Some people feel a lightness or dizziness and that’s why we sometimes sit with a tea or glass of water before moving on with the day.

Energy gets sick before the body gets sick, and energy gets well first too. The body must follow the energy. It can take up to a day for the body to process all the energetic changes that happen here. I always tell people to indulge themselves the day of the healing- maybe you want bed early or maybe you feel talkative or tearful… whatever is going on, just roll with it… when I take chunks of emotion and dysfunctional energy out of you, it actually creates space (and relief) and so things are moving around, settling into new places. I always say, “Wait until tomorrow to judge what has changed, what feels different.”

When I remove something, it is gone forever. If I remove anxiety, you will feel less anxious. Like a cup that is no longer overflowing, you will be able to handle tomorrow’s fears better. If I remove anger, you will have more patience. If I remove pain, well, you will love me then and send all your friends to me.

Long Distance:

Distance is an illusion. If a client is front of me or in a hospital bed in another city, the healing results are the same. I tap into the client’s energy (from a photo that clearly shows their eyes) and I get all the direction I need from the client’s energy. I am standing at the treatment table, moving my hands and manipulating energy. For me, I see the person in front of me and it’s not much different.

I take notes and relay those by email or in a phone conversation afterwards. I don’t notice any difference in results and clients are pleased enough to request long distance again. (A friend called me one day to ask- Did you work on me around 4 pm? She could feel it. Some people like to lie down at a certain time, knowing that I am working on them. They might sense it. I like to work on people at dawn when they are still asleep, but it doesn’t really matter.)

Long distance works well for people with mental illness, dementia, severe illness or just a stubborn refusal to come in person. (I work on a lot of husbands long distance.) It works best for animals and babies too, although I do love to work on an infant in person. (They’ve often had a rough ride through the birth canal and want twisted ankles fixed or anxiety removed.)


All healing is an exchange. The minimum to give me in return is gratitude. I prefer cash though- regular price is $90. I can provide receipts, but I am not a registered massage therapist.

More services:

Clearing your home of dysfunctional energy … and sometimes foreign energy and actual beings who don’t belong there- eg. energetic visitors who have not crossed- ghosts- and those who have arrived to cause trouble- negative entities who can move in without your awareness.        Excellent housewarming gift!                                    Approx. $90 depending on the size and location of your home.

Readings with people who have crossed over. I can communicate with deceased relatives and pets. This is not a guarantee; sometimes they are not available for conversation at the moment but will come later on. Again, I am using muscle-testing and clairvoyance to receive messages from them and to understand their answers to your questions. $90

Muscle-testing supplements, foods, medications, and other questions.  You can bring your supplements, vitamins, medications etc. to a session to see what your energy thinks of it. Often people learn they are taking something popular, but not right for them. Sometimes med.s are at maximum dosage when less will do the job. This will put your mind at ease if you are taking mouthfuls of pills and still not feeling well. Is it the wrong drug? Are you allergic to ashwagandha, for instance? What are the options?

I can test lists of foods to find your allergies and sensitivities. This really helps clients who are having digestive issues.

In fact, because I am muscle-testing yes or no answers, you can ask about other supports- would acupuncture help? This doctor or that one? Is surgery the only option?

How about these questions?

“Did the surgery get all the cancer?”

“Are the lyme bacteria gone now?”

“Do I have Epstein Barr virus dormant in my body somewhere? In the thyroid?”

“Is it my highest good to take the job offer?” “Change careers?” “Study homeopathy?”

“Is it in my highest good to end this relationship?” “Use this lawyer?” “Sell the house?”

“Is my youngest daughter in need of support?” “A doctor?” “A counsellor?” “An intervention?”

$45, approx. 30 minutes, can be added onto a regular healing session.

To book:

Email with your phone number and I’ll give you a call.

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