BBC News report from 1991: Kurdish Exodus

In The Word Not Spoken Leigh recalls Ahmet’s account of the events of 1991.

To bring that account to life, click on the link below. The news report posted to Youtube is astonishing.

After Iraq was defeated in the Gulf War, Kurds (in the north) and Arabs (in the south) overthrew the Ba’ath regime in many towns- disabling government and local military. Their success lasted only a few weeks and the uprising was brutally and quickly ended by loyalist forces led by the Iraqi Republican Guard.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees called the Kurdish Exodus the largest in its 40–year history. Two million people were displaced and in March 1991, an estimated 2,000 Kurds were dying every day.

Faleh Jaber writes: Despite the calls made during the war by Western leaders for Iraqis to rise up and dispose of Saddam Hussein, these dramatic and tragic events were the last thing any outside powers anticipated. (read more)

click here to watch a news report from 1991- astonishing footage.

crocus- the most courageous of flowers

crocus- the most courageous of flowers

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