Energy healing articles by Laurie Fraser


I published articles about energy healing in Tone Magazine until it closed in 2019.

To make an appointment write to Laurie at Sessions are $90 and last about 90 minutes. Long distance or in person.

Past Lives Tone Magazine summer 2015 turn to page 46

Holographic healing II Tone Magazine Jan. 2015  turn to page 7

Cancer and energy healing Tone Magazine Jan. 2013

Pain Tone Magazine Summer 2014 turn to page 25

What’s the Message? Tone Magazine Feb. 2014  turn to page 9

Pillar of Light Tone Magazine Oct. 2012

Something New- Comprehensive Healing June 2012  turn to page 14

Is Your Illness a Sign of Spiritual Progress? Summer 2016  turn to page 37

Fairy Tales- Real but not True -article about the spiritual aspects of writing The Word Not Spoken

Where there are rabbits, there are fairies.

Where there are rabbits, there are fairies.



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