Treating Insomnia and Torture Energetically

Insomnia and Torture, by Laurie Fraser

published by Tone Magazine, Nov. 2013

Disturbed sleep, female, age 49:

”Carly” falls asleep fairly quickly but wakes up during the night and is often unable to go back to sleep. This has been worsening the last few months, but has been a problem for years.

“Disturbed sleep” first led to anxiety as a cause. I removed the anxiety.

Next, “disturbed sleep” led to an energetic block created at age 29. This block was in the root chakra and concerned family and responsibility. Carly volunteered that she had a colicky baby at age 29 who woke her often. The root chakra was balanced.

Next I was led to “Reconnective Healing” (Eric Pearl). A very high frequency energy comes through me and to the client where it seems to re-organize the client’s energy. It is a blissful connection felt by both the client and I as unconditional love. I worked over her head.

Next. “disturbed sleep” led to a hormones and menopause. The hormones were brought into balance.

Next, “disturbed sleep” led to current busy-ness at work. The block was in the pituitary gland and was about “overwhelmed”. The pituitary gland was balanced.

‘Carly’ reported sleep improvement from the first night of her treatment. She came twice more for BOS and I was led to more causes to clear. After 3 treatments her sleep dramatically improved. She usually sleeps straight through the night now.

Back pain (2 discs), male, age 36:

Ali’ is a new Canadian who was in tremendous pain. He was making the rounds of specialists, but he was unable to hold any position for any length of time -lying, sitting, standing, walking- all hurt. He was taking prescription pain medication.

First, “back pain” led to the anxiety procedure.

Next, I was led to Reconnective Healing. During this procedure I could feel his energy was very disturbed (probably by constant pain) and I could feel the new energy soothing and smoothing him.

Next, I was led to a series of emotionally-caused energetic blocks that occurred at age 16:

paranoia in the liver

anger in the liver

fear in the kidneys

empathy in the stomach

sadness in the large intestine

futility/hopelessness in the triple warmer meridian

loss in the small intestines

I commented that age 16 had been a difficult year for him. ‘Ali’ volunteered the information that he’d been tortured in Iraq at that age. His discs were damaged during a flogging.

Next, “back pain” led me to a pain procedure that uses energetic morphine. Usually I take a frequency out of the energy/body, but I can also infuse or put in a beneficial frequency. All drugs (and many other things) can be administered energetically.

‘Ali’ was in a great deal of pain during the treatment; he often winced and twitched. As I drained everything and closed, he smiled widely. “What did you do?” he asked, amazed. He had no pain at all. That glorious state lasted for days, but his back began to bother him again, although not as severe as before. He has another appointment booked.

I believe the reason BOS works so well is that the client’s energy leads the way and chooses the most appropriate healing path. I make no decisions on my own; I’m guided the whole way.

When healing I communicate with the clients’ energy by muscle testing (kinesiology). This gives me direction and sets priorities. I muscle test through lists (menus and submenus) of options: hundreds of B.O.S. procedures, façade healing, holographic healing, Reconnective Healing and various hands-on techniques. BOS (created by Harvey Steel, 40 years ago) is based on the premise that the body can and will heal itself when energy is flowing harmoniously. BOS developed from the old and the new: acupuncture, Body Alignment TM, TBM (Total Body Modification), and NET (neuro-emotional technique). It addresses physical, emotional, structural, chemical, and spiritual issues. Muscle testing leads to present and past causes.

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I give thanks to my guides and teachers and to Archangel Michael and Elohim for clearing that which is released.

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