Healing Sexual Abuse

Recently, I used energy healing to help a woman who was sexually abused by her father ages 2 – 9.

Mary Magdalen stood across from me, and we worked on “Annie” together. I saw her lying under deep water. I unplugged the bottom like a tub and it drained tears and sadness. When the water was gone, I saw a little girl – pale, tiny, naked except for dirty panties. Mary Magdalen told me to cover her. “Not a dress,” I said. Annie did not want to be pretty or accessible. Mary Magdalen said, “Any clothes you want.”

So, I put a thick shirt on her and buttoned it up to her chin. Next- a big bulky sweater, a hood, and then new underwear with yellow ducks, thick jeans, big red wool socks and red kids’ sneakers. (Red for grounding.)

After the procedure, I told her it was not just to cover her, but I felt the clothes protected her somehow.

Annie said she used clothes as protection from her father. She used to wear four pairs of pajamas to bed.

I almost lost it then, thinking of that tiny body and child logic and 8 years.

I did more healing work on her that session. (I generally remove old emotions and stuck energy from organs and chakras.) Her email the following week said that she felt better than she had ever felt in her life. She was euphoric. In the following weeks, she started a new job and a new romantic relationship, feeling safe with a man “for the first time ever.”

A month later, “Danielle” showed up at my door with a wrist that still hurt 9 months after breaking it, with aches that travelled up her arm. The doctor had dismissed her pain as imaginary, insisting the wrist was properly healed.

Muscle testing led me to this equation: Root chakra + father + sore arm / wrist = resisting sexual attack (putting out her hand to stop him and failing to do so).

I balanced the root chakra by removing a metal rod (penis) and a steel box (of secrets).

When I shared this information, Danielle told me that her father had abused her.

Mother Mary came in with blue and white light. She flooded us with intense love. I feel her love as a gentle hand on my left cheek, my heart bursting and goosebumps from head to toes. Mother Mary held Danielle and rocked her as she sobbed. This was a secret she had carried many many years, and just speaking it was a great release.

Next, Mother Mary and I worked on Danielle together. I saw Danielle covered in deep water – overwhelmed. I pulled the plug, and it drained slowly. Then I saw a naked little girl, about 8 years old. She thought she was ugly and worthless. I played with her long blond hair. “Such pretty hair,” I told her. I put a pink bow on one side.

“Such a pretty girl,” I said. I touched her face with love. Mother Mary was doing similar things- washing her, erasing the hurts. This deprived little girl wanted pretty clothes: a lavender dress with pockets and a necklace with a heart charm. I gave her frilly white socks and shiny red shoes.

The above 2 procedures on Danielle took about 15 minutes, but I worked on her for 50 minutes in total. Danielle said that memories had flooded her during this session- things she had forgotten- a rape in the woods, molestation by a teacher. This beautiful woman said that she had felt ugly all her life and had often wondered why men pursued her at all.

Her wrist and arm stopped aching within a day.


Shorter version first published in Tone Magazine, Jan. 2017. Email me at thewordnotspoken@gmail.com for a healing session- long distance or in-person (Ottawa) $65.00

Strawberry moon and summer solstice

 photo credit

The sky was lightening at 5 am as I hurried to the river’s edge, worried I’d miss the special moment: sunrise on summer solstice. I was warm in shorts and t-shirt as I came to the Ottawa River and stopped short.

There it was! A strawberry moon! Perhaps a little more peach than pink, but oh…. huge, close to the horizon, bright in the morning sky and reflecting on the grey water.

We haven’t had a full moon on the same day as summer solstice since 1967. Today sunrise was at 5:14 am and sunset will be 8:50 pm. It’s a long day for those who are observing Ramadan- 15 1/2 hours without food, water or cigarettes. “Strawberry” refers to June- time to start picking- but also to the colour of the moon, caused by the great distance between the earth and the moon today.

I enjoy exploring the extreme edges of this day. Usually I stay awake all night, awed by how short it is. Tonight as the sun sets, that great pink moon will flood us with light. If it is cloudless, the sky may not darken at all.

I revel in the light, loll about in the warmth, leave sunglasses in the car. My sunrise appreciation was simple- throwing out thanks to the sky listing the many blessings in my life. Then just doing Qigong in the peace – you might think it was quiet, but oh, the quacking ducks, the chorus of birds and my exploding heart…. it was a noisy celebration.

Happy solstice! Light be upon you.

Past Lives (Energy healing by Laurie Fraser.)

A shorter version of this article was published in Tone Magazine, July/August 2015:

We carry energy from our past lives. Sometimes it affects our circumstances in this life.

When I was younger, I refused to wear turtlenecks or necklaces; I was born with a birthmark on my neck; I freaked when a friend jokingly put her hands around my throat. Recently I learned about a past life where I was choked to death. I was a male who was attacked from behind in the dark. (Boston, 1818)

I am able to communicate with energy by using muscle testing & clairvoyance.  When performing a healing, I sometimes clear old energy from past lives that is stored or stuck in organs or chakras. When I remove it, the body has one less thing to carry. Also it decreases the likelihood of repeating the same patterns. (Old energy can attract more of the same.)

I worked on a preschooler who sometimes wouldn’t eat, often expressing worry about whether it was “the last one”. He saved his Hallowe’en candy. He wouldn’t finish a box of cereal, insisting it be saved, even when his parents assured him there was more at the store.

His energy led me to a lifetime he spent on the western coast of South America. He was the mother of many children living in abject poverty. The husband had died and she had few recourses. I cleared “fear of lack” from his root chakra. He is still careful boy, but he left the obsession behind.

A toddler who woke with night terrors, shouting “Leave me alone!” when his parents tried to comfort him, had been killed in his last life. He was a woman who’d been raped and murdered in her bed. I cleared that, and the night terrors stopped immediately.

More commonly I work on adults:

A women’s anger led to 4 lifetimes ago in Kazakhstan: A woman born in 1642, died from a bladder infection at age 45. She’d been “pissed off” about her irresponsible husband.

A cat’s aggressiveness led to 5 lifetimes ago: She was a cat then too, tortured by her owner.

A man’s impotence led to 2 lifetimes ago in China: Helplessness and grief about his son’s death.

A woman’s infection led to her last life in the States: She died from infection 10 days after giving birth. The child who she didn’t live to raise became her sister today. The old energy was removed from her spleen.

A woman’s grief about her divorce led to 7 lifetimes ago: Her ex-husband in her current life was her brother then. They lived where the north of Iran is now. She adored her older brother who left on a spiritual journey with a holy man; she suffered terribly when he left. Although he assured her that he would return, he never did. She never got over it. The block was in her heart chakra. Removing the old heartbreak made it easier to cope with today’s loss.

A child, afraid of her Epi-pen: 3 lifetimes ago she was an indigenous man who was shot.

Me, reticent to take a leap of faith: in the 1500s, I was a male spiritual leader in South India who felt deserted by God when a devastating flood killed hundreds of his followers.

For me, the most mind-blowing part of this work has been understanding that sometimes we are at the mercy of our energy. Even centuries-old energy! Until it is removed, that is.

Treating Lyme Disease

I like you

I like you

Lyme Disease Treatment by Laurie Fraser

edited (shorter) version first published by Tone Magazine Summer 2012

Ahh… my old friend lyme has come to visit me again. After 6 years of health, it has re-emerged, as lyme is wont to do. Well, it’s not the mystery that it was 8 1/2 years ago. It took days to diagnose this time, as opposed to 15 months last time, and I expect to heal rapidly.

That’s the first hurdle with lyme: diagnosis. The ELISA test is unreliable; get a Western Blot test. Lyme presents differently in all of us but often includes deep fatigue, night sweats, chills, joint pain, muscle ache, swollen glands, Bell’s Palsy, balance issues, brain fog… and more. I have a co-infection as well—Babesia—so add headache, shortness of breath and nausea. Other common co-infections are Bartonella (sore feet) and Ehrlichia.

So what to do? My doctor says Ottawa is a hotbed for lyme (caused by a tick bite) and I have several clients recovering from it. I approach it from all angles.

1. Drugs: This is the time to use antibiotics. Generally Doxycycline does the trick but if the lyme is chronic, diagnosed late, or complicated by a co-infection antibiotics might be varied and high-dose. Babesia requires an anti-malarial.

2. Homeopathic remedies: Lyme disease nosode, A-Bab, ledum, pyrogenium, staphosagria, lyme disease nosode, myristica. For pain: arnica, ruta and causticum

3. Supplements and vitamins: A, B6, B12, C, D, probiotics, Spirulina, fish oil, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Green tea extract, SAMe, Cat`s Claw (Samento), Serrapeptase, Japanese knotweed, Ginseng tea, bitters, grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil to name a few. Some of these are quite potent and may not be for you—check with a naturopath. Check tissue salts- commonly Kali Phos is required.

4. Food: No to sugar, oil, fats, yeast, gluten

Yes to fresh greens, especially dandelion leaves and parsley, proteins

5. Light work. Visit www.tomkenyon.com (click on Hathors) to learn a simple healing method called `Medicines of Light` that you can do yourself. I did it 3 times for lyme and 9 for babesia.

6. B.O.S. (Biocomputer Operating System) Hundreds of procedures including those for pain and infections. I do this work part time and I`m able to work on myself. I use muscle-testing to communicate with the client`s energy and find my way through menus and sub-menus until I come to a correction that the energy wants. It prioritizes, not I.

In my case, my energy led to:

-anxiety procedure


-boundary work

-chakra balances

-pathogen procedures

-pain (turn to page 25) procedures

7.  Spiritual procedures- I build a pillar of light around the treatment table, open the navel, (energetically), and pull out zillions of bacteria who float up the pillar of light where they`re assisted by Archangel Micheal. I send them with love and gratitude. This is not a war. These little visitors have many lessons to teach.

– I use an energetic blue sword given to me by my Ascended Master, El Morya, to clear and to send lightening bolts into the root chakra (a re-boot) and the liver (eases pain).

8. Comprehensive healing (Tone Magazine, June 2012 turn to page 14): In a meditation I grew to a great size and saw a holographic image of myself as a white rabbit. I caught her and held her in my cupped palms, while in a place of Divine love and unity. Light saturated her: green, blues and she became a white rose. I waited and the rose was replaced by an image of fire. The fire eventually became a transparent light, like heat off a road, and I placed this light in my heart.

9. Façade healing (Tone Magazine, Dec. 2010). Divine Teachers and healers come in response to the facade prayer (see Susan Chumsky) and work directly on the client. For me- Jesus came to remove the façade of “invaded“.

10.  Powerful reiki by Susan Walker at Mother Earth.

11. Vonner protocol and Cowden’s protocol- good stuff, but expensive. Byron White’s A-L Complex. Again, hard to get and expensive, but effective. Order these things online.

12. AN-DI machine if you can find one.

13. LDA. This approaches lyme disease as something that the immune system has over-reacted to, causing autoimmune symptoms. It treats lyme similar to an allergy instead of as an infection. If you can’t get LDA treatment, you can use supplements, vitamins and food to sooth and calm your immune system: Cat’s claw, the B vitamins, alkaline diet, various detoxes (it’s the toxins that hurt), fish oil, meditation etc. Avoid stress. Research ways of reducing inflammation.

14. Chinese herbs: Lycopus/ bugleweed (Ze Lan) and Dryopteridis (Guan Zhong). Be sure to get directions from a Chinese pharmacist or doctor (poisonous in the wrong dose).

*** No massage or yoga during systemic infections- it just spreads the bacteria around. Avoid astragalus and other means of alerting or “boosting” the immune system.

 photo credit

I give thanks to Crow, Blue Jay, El Morya, Jesus, my Ba, Snake, Lynx, Wolf, Mother Mary, and to Archangel Michael and Elohim.

Energy healing articles by Laurie Fraser


I regularly publish articles in Tone Magazine about the energy healing work I do.

Past Lives Tone Magazine summer 2015 turn to page 46

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Fairy Tales- Real but not True -article about the spiritual aspects of writing The Word Not Spoken

Where there are rabbits, there are fairies.

Where there are rabbits, there are fairies.



Goals and Gifts

Goals and Gifts

published by Tone Magazine Jan. 2013

Usually I write about using energy to heal physical and emotional symptoms but it is also useful to reach goals. For example, I’m publishing a book and energy work has helped me remove blocks that were slowing me down (anxiety, fears around success, letting go, etc.)

Female, 37, unemployed:

“I’m ready, willing and able to get the job I want” led (by muscle-testing through lists of options) to façade procedure (Tone, Dec. 2010). In this case, I cracked open the façade of “blocked” and stepped aside for Buddha to tend to her.

Afterwards, Buddha presented a black box (which I saw clairvoyantly). I opened it and saw a bracelet of small black obsidian beads. I was instructed to place this on her right wrist and was told that it would continue to clear blocks.

The client said she’d been “stuck” for several months with no interviews or real prospects in her field. Since then (a month ago) she’s received 3 short freelance projects. They weren’t well-paid, but they have resulted in networking and increased confidence. She found a picture of her bracelet online and posted it on her desktop.

Male, 42:

“David” was hoping for spiritual insights, in particular, the identity of his Ascendant Master.

His session started with purple-robed St. Germaine clearing the façade of “struggle”. St. Germaine stayed as I was guided to clear blocks in chakras and organs, most interestingly, a black mass from David’s third eye that had been getting in the way of his second sight.

David saw colours during the healing, especially purple. Of course, he learned that St. Germaine, Chohan of the violet ray is his Ascendant Master. There was great joy and gratitude from both of them as they connected.

Female, in an abusive relationship:

She was given a bullet-proof vest by St. Germaine.

Female, 27:

“Bev”’s grandmother showed up at her healing as a heavy short mass of love at the side of the treatment table. I felt her but didn’t see her. Muscle-testing told me that she had a message for her granddaughter. I was shown a brilliant formal bouquet of red roses and white lilies. It was offered to Bev with extraordinary love. I relayed the message: She was proud of Bev, awestruck by her development into a beautiful woman. I had the feeling that this was a bride’s bouquet.

The choice of flowers was meaningful to Bev, who later confided that she and her partner had discussed marriage recently.

Female, 56:

“Fran” is becoming a healer. We are both students of the Ascendant Master, El Morya.

In one session, El Morya “downloaded” light into Fran causing her squirm and stretch on the treatment table. When it was over, I was told this light would increase Fran’s psychic and healing abilities.

El Morya then presented her with a golden chalice. She sat up, held it in her hands (no, she couldn’t see it), and drank the contents. (She didn’t taste it, but the 3 times I drank from a chalice it was heavy and thick, like drinking barium.) She was told that this was knowledge and a congratulatory gift for achieving this new level.

All of the above sessions also involved procedures that I do all the time: B.O.S., Comprehensive healing, Reconnective healing and others, but more and more gifts and visitors are arriving during sessions. They are real blessings for clients and I’m grateful for these new developments.

I give thanks to my teachers and helpers.

 image credit

Ascendant Master, El Morya

Treating Insomnia and Torture Energetically

Insomnia and Torture, by Laurie Fraser

published by Tone Magazine, Nov. 2013

Disturbed sleep, female, age 49:

”Carly” falls asleep fairly quickly but wakes up during the night and is often unable to go back to sleep. This has been worsening the last few months, but has been a problem for years.

“Disturbed sleep” first led to anxiety as a cause. I removed the anxiety.

Next, “disturbed sleep” led to an energetic block created at age 29. This block was in the root chakra and concerned family and responsibility. Carly volunteered that she had a colicky baby at age 29 who woke her often. The root chakra was balanced.

Next I was led to “Reconnective Healing” (Eric Pearl). A very high frequency energy comes through me and to the client where it seems to re-organize the client’s energy. It is a blissful connection felt by both the client and I as unconditional love. I worked over her head.

Next. “disturbed sleep” led to a hormones and menopause. The hormones were brought into balance.

Next, “disturbed sleep” led to current busy-ness at work. The block was in the pituitary gland and was about “overwhelmed”. The pituitary gland was balanced.

‘Carly’ reported sleep improvement from the first night of her treatment. She came twice more for BOS and I was led to more causes to clear. After 3 treatments her sleep dramatically improved. She usually sleeps straight through the night now.

Back pain (2 discs), male, age 36:

Ali’ is a new Canadian who was in tremendous pain. He was making the rounds of specialists, but he was unable to hold any position for any length of time -lying, sitting, standing, walking- all hurt. He was taking prescription pain medication.

First, “back pain” led to the anxiety procedure.

Next, I was led to Reconnective Healing. During this procedure I could feel his energy was very disturbed (probably by constant pain) and I could feel the new energy soothing and smoothing him.

Next, I was led to a series of emotionally-caused energetic blocks that occurred at age 16:

paranoia in the liver

anger in the liver

fear in the kidneys

empathy in the stomach

sadness in the large intestine

futility/hopelessness in the triple warmer meridian

loss in the small intestines

I commented that age 16 had been a difficult year for him. ‘Ali’ volunteered the information that he’d been tortured in Iraq at that age. His discs were damaged during a flogging.

Next, “back pain” led me to a pain procedure that uses energetic morphine. Usually I take a frequency out of the energy/body, but I can also infuse or put in a beneficial frequency. All drugs (and many other things) can be administered energetically.

‘Ali’ was in a great deal of pain during the treatment; he often winced and twitched. As I drained everything and closed, he smiled widely. “What did you do?” he asked, amazed. He had no pain at all. That glorious state lasted for days, but his back began to bother him again, although not as severe as before. He has another appointment booked.

I believe the reason BOS works so well is that the client’s energy leads the way and chooses the most appropriate healing path. I make no decisions on my own; I’m guided the whole way.

When healing I communicate with the clients’ energy by muscle testing (kinesiology). This gives me direction and sets priorities. I muscle test through lists (menus and submenus) of options: hundreds of B.O.S. procedures, façade healing, holographic healing, Reconnective Healing and various hands-on techniques. BOS (created by Harvey Steel, 40 years ago) is based on the premise that the body can and will heal itself when energy is flowing harmoniously. BOS developed from the old and the new: acupuncture, Body Alignment TM, TBM (Total Body Modification), and NET (neuro-emotional technique). It addresses physical, emotional, structural, chemical, and spiritual issues. Muscle testing leads to present and past causes.

photo credit

I give thanks to my guides and teachers and to Archangel Michael and Elohim for clearing that which is released.

Book launch 1

With joy, I release my story!

With joy, I release my story!

I’ve never been to a book launch, but I suspect toasts and people looking at me. My stomach clenches at the imagining, and I remember a reception I was invited to as a university student. I’d won an award for lyric poetry and I forced myself to attend.

Before arriving at the reception, I ate a fried bologna sandwich in my Chinatown apartment and cut my own bangs…repeatedly because I couldn’t get them straight. I arrived at the reception with bangs so short that they attracted stares, but not smiles. I was wearing $1.00 Chinese slippers and the only skirt I owned.

There were no introductions, no announcements, no hand-shaking. In fact, no one spoke to me at all, and I worried I might have crashed the wrong party. I stood against a wall and then circled the room a few times. I went home without having uttered a word. The “award” turned out to be $100 cheque that arrived in the mail. Read the poem.

All this to say that I decided to be comfortable at my own book launch. I know who I am now.

I plan a 3-way launch- by boat, by balloon, and by rocket- at the beach near my house. On Sunday, (part 1) I launched my book with balloons. My friends were there. A few passersby in bathing suits came over to our little table for Turkish Delight and Turkish coffee. We talked about love.

I had tied laminated notes to each of 3 helium balloons, saying the finder was entitled to a free softcover book. I sent the first one off to Oprah’s garden with clear intent, but the laminated card weighed it down…we saw it bounce on a few roofs instead of heading up high and southerly to the States. The next one obviously struggled with its weight as well. We clipped the card off the third balloon, and it flew straight up into the sky. We cheered and then watched until it disappeared.

For me, these launches are physical manifestations of the energetic work I’ve been doing for months. Daily, I visualize sending The Word Not Spoken up into the sky, where it spreads around the world, through computers on a giant spiderweb, and by friends who pass it along to friends, saying “Have you read this? It’s such a great book. You’re gonna love this!”

Headed to Oprah's garden.

Headed to Oprah’s garden.

savouring summer

Sunflower at the beach grew wild.

Sunflower at the beach grew wild.

Humid here for days, grey and wanting to rain but it hasn’t come- what a sight doing Qigong on the beach this morning- the shades of grey from sky to water, honking geese skimming the surface, sandpipers and ducks…a mom with a baby playing at the water’s edge, and me, gently stretching and bringing in the beautiful peace of the place…I love to start summer days thus and school just a week away- how will I manage to start the day with an alarm clock instead… I don’t know- how DO we manage that? It seems inhumane.

Holographic Healing 1

Holographic Healing by Laurie Fraser

published by Tone Magazine, November 2011

I don’t know where I learned to heal by holograph.

I tap into a client’s energy by muscle-testing (kinesiology) and their energy leads me through menus of possible healing methods to the procedure they desire. I often see/know things intuitively, yet I still check for permission from the client’s energy before proceeding. I make no decisions on my own.

So when I started to see holographic images, I just added them to my menu. This method of healing is often chosen by client’s energy, leading me to understand it is very effective and powerful.

When I see the image, it is in the air, about a foot over the client’s body. I am guided always to work directly on the image. For example, I saw a 3-dimensional image of a client curled into a ball, darkness around her, and felt deep sadness. I then ask questions by muscle-testing (getting yes or no answers). Comfort her? No. Stand her up? Yes. I did so. Clear away the darkness? Yes. I did so. Bring her light? Yes. I put a sun above her. Complete? No. Send her love? Yes. I did so. Complete? Yes. Tell the client about the holograph? Yes. This client was struggling with the loss of a loved one.

How does it work? I don’t know! It fascinates me. And, no doubt, it does work. Take a peek at more intriguing examples:

Depressed client: holograph of big black muddy hole, only her muddy arms visible, hands gripping to the edge of the hole.  I pulled her out, cleaned her off.

Overwhelmed client: I saw him as a puppet, stick arms and legs attached to strings. I cut the strings to free him.

Angry cat: red kerchief tied to her head. Removed kerchief and disposed of it.

Emotional issues: holograph of client as a young girl in a tree. Take her down? No. Go up there? Yes. I went to join her, talk and keep her company. At one point I said, “Do you ever pretend you’re a bird up here?” “No, I pretend I’m invisible” Holograph complete, tell the client.

Persistent cough:  dark damp evergreen forest. Found client in the forest. Led him out to a sunny meadow, instructed him to take deep breaths. Open mouth, let sun in. Dry out.

Angry client: saw her in a Ku Klux Clan outfit. I removed it and disposed of it. Tell client about holographic healing? No. (It wouldn’t help her with healing and was unnecessary.) Note here that this woman was probably no more racist than the next person, but to work on it, the image had to be obvious and how else recognize racism? Also, this client made a point of calling me to describe her relief and sense of balance and happiness afterward. (I did more work than just the holograph, but it was only one session.)

Client dealing with a break-up: saw her at a picnic table. I brought her all sorts of treats and healthy food to encourage her to enjoy, to eat. (She later told me she hadn’t been eating.)

Me after a decadent Christmas: at a picnic table but the food I brought myself was all cleansing- lemons, greens, water. No treats were permitted.

Communication issues: saw client at a great distance. Brought her closer. Chatted a little.

Depressed client: saw her daughter, young sad girl. Brought her close to Mom. Told client, “She misses you; she needs your attention”.

Depressed client: saw an angel and slowly realized it was an actual angel, not an image. She said her name was Carrie and she wanted the client to know that she always with him, he is never alone.  This had a very emotional effect on the client. Tremendous gift.

Child with allergies, emotional issues: saw him wearing a green hoodie. Took it off. I was guided to understand that this was an actual item of clothing that he owned and that he shouldn’t wear it anymore; it made him feel sick. Told the mother and she said, yes he had one; it was second-hand from an autistic boy. She threw it away.

A client struggling with addiction: saw her in a jail cell. I unlocked it and gave her the key to keep.

There are so many more! Often I see uneven colour and I smooth it around the person evenly. I’ve seen all kinds of problems with feet- heavy boots to be removed, feet slipping on ice, chained ankles. I’ve seen clients in pieces like a puzzle and I put the pieces back together like a mannequin and smoothed out the lines where the connections showed. Often body parts are out of proportion- the head is too big or the arms are too heavy and long. Often I help a client, for example, over a crack in the ice or the earth, or I give them an oar because they’re in a boat with none.

Sometimes I’m directed to give something to the client- an umbrella, a red parachute (newly single woman), a yellow tricycle (he wanted one in the past), a red wagon (so she wouldn’t have to carry so much) etc.

Usually the holographs come out of the client’s heart, but lately, more and more are coming out of chakras.

So, I still don’t know where I learned to do it. I figure I’ve always known and have recently remembered. And I am grateful.