Treating Insomnia and Torture Energetically

Insomnia and Torture, by Laurie Fraser

published by Tone Magazine, Nov. 2013

Disturbed sleep, female, age 49:

”Carly” falls asleep fairly quickly but wakes up during the night and is often unable to go back to sleep. This has been worsening the last few months, but has been a problem for years.

“Disturbed sleep” first led to anxiety as a cause. I removed the anxiety.

Next, “disturbed sleep” led to an energetic block created at age 29. This block was in the root chakra and concerned family and responsibility. Carly volunteered that she had a colicky baby at age 29 who woke her often. The root chakra was balanced.

Next I was led to “Reconnective Healing” (Eric Pearl). A very high frequency energy comes through me and to the client where it seems to re-organize the client’s energy. It is a blissful connection felt by both the client and I as unconditional love. I worked over her head.

Next. “disturbed sleep” led to a hormones and menopause. The hormones were brought into balance.

Next, “disturbed sleep” led to current busy-ness at work. The block was in the pituitary gland and was about “overwhelmed”. The pituitary gland was balanced.

‘Carly’ reported sleep improvement from the first night of her treatment. She came twice more for BOS and I was led to more causes to clear. After 3 treatments her sleep dramatically improved. She usually sleeps straight through the night now.

Back pain (2 discs), male, age 36:

Ali’ is a new Canadian who was in tremendous pain. He was making the rounds of specialists, but he was unable to hold any position for any length of time -lying, sitting, standing, walking- all hurt. He was taking prescription pain medication.

First, “back pain” led to the anxiety procedure.

Next, I was led to Reconnective Healing. During this procedure I could feel his energy was very disturbed (probably by constant pain) and I could feel the new energy soothing and smoothing him.

Next, I was led to a series of emotionally-caused energetic blocks that occurred at age 16:

paranoia in the liver

anger in the liver

fear in the kidneys

empathy in the stomach

sadness in the large intestine

futility/hopelessness in the triple warmer meridian

loss in the small intestines

I commented that age 16 had been a difficult year for him. ‘Ali’ volunteered the information that he’d been tortured in Iraq at that age. His discs were damaged during a flogging.

Next, “back pain” led me to a pain procedure that uses energetic morphine. Usually I take a frequency out of the energy/body, but I can also infuse or put in a beneficial frequency. All drugs (and many other things) can be administered energetically.

‘Ali’ was in a great deal of pain during the treatment; he often winced and twitched. As I drained everything and closed, he smiled widely. “What did you do?” he asked, amazed. He had no pain at all. That glorious state lasted for days, but his back began to bother him again, although not as severe as before. He has another appointment booked.

I believe the reason BOS works so well is that the client’s energy leads the way and chooses the most appropriate healing path. I make no decisions on my own; I’m guided the whole way.

When healing I communicate with the clients’ energy by muscle testing (kinesiology). This gives me direction and sets priorities. I muscle test through lists (menus and submenus) of options: hundreds of B.O.S. procedures, façade healing, holographic healing, Reconnective Healing and various hands-on techniques. BOS (created by Harvey Steel, 40 years ago) is based on the premise that the body can and will heal itself when energy is flowing harmoniously. BOS developed from the old and the new: acupuncture, Body Alignment TM, TBM (Total Body Modification), and NET (neuro-emotional technique). It addresses physical, emotional, structural, chemical, and spiritual issues. Muscle testing leads to present and past causes.

I give thanks to my guides and teachers.

*note- I no longer allow “visitors” to be involved in healings. No bad experiences, just hard for a simple human to identify them. – Laurie 2019


Holographic Healing 1

Holographic Healing by Laurie Fraser

published by Tone Magazine, November 2011

I don’t know where I learned to heal by holograph.

I tap into a client’s energy by muscle-testing (kinesiology) and their energy leads me through menus of possible healing methods to the procedure they desire. I often see/know things intuitively, yet I still check for permission from the client’s energy before proceeding. I make no decisions on my own.

So when I started to see holographic images, I just added them to my menu. This method of healing is often chosen by client’s energy, leading me to understand it is very effective and powerful.

When I see the image, it is in the air, about a foot over the client’s body. I am guided always to work directly on the image. For example, I saw a 3-dimensional image of a client curled into a ball, darkness around her, and felt deep sadness. I then ask questions by muscle-testing (getting yes or no answers). Comfort her? No. Stand her up? Yes. I did so. Clear away the darkness? Yes. I did so. Bring her light? Yes. I put a sun above her. Complete? No. Send her love? Yes. I did so. Complete? Yes. Tell the client about the holograph? Yes. This client was struggling with the loss of a loved one.

How does it work? I don’t know! It fascinates me. And, no doubt, it does work. Take a peek at more intriguing examples:

Depressed client: holograph of big black muddy hole, only her muddy arms visible, hands gripping to the edge of the hole.  I pulled her out, cleaned her off.

Overwhelmed client: I saw him as a puppet, stick arms and legs attached to strings. I cut the strings to free him.

Angry cat: red kerchief tied to her head. Removed kerchief and disposed of it.

Emotional issues: holograph of client as a young girl in a tree. Take her down? No. Go up there? Yes. I went to join her, talk and keep her company. At one point I said, “Do you ever pretend you’re a bird up here?” “No, I pretend I’m invisible” Holograph complete, tell the client.

Persistent cough:  dark damp evergreen forest. Found client in the forest. Led him out to a sunny meadow, instructed him to take deep breaths. Open mouth, let sun in. Dry out.

Angry client: saw her in a Ku Klux Clan outfit. I removed it and disposed of it. Tell client about holographic healing? No. (It wouldn’t help her with healing and was unnecessary.) Note here that this woman was probably no more racist than the next person, but to work on it, the image had to be obvious and how else recognize racism? Also, this client made a point of calling me to describe her relief and sense of balance and happiness afterward. (I did more work than just the holograph, but it was only one session.)

Client dealing with a break-up: saw her at a picnic table. I brought her all sorts of treats and healthy food to encourage her to enjoy, to eat. (She later told me she hadn’t been eating.)

Me after a decadent Christmas: at a picnic table but the food I brought myself was all cleansing- lemons, greens, water. No treats were permitted.

Communication issues: saw client at a great distance. Brought her closer. Chatted a little.

Depressed client: saw her daughter, young sad girl. Brought her close to Mom. Told client, “She misses you; she needs your attention”.

Depressed client: saw an angel and slowly realized it was an actual angel, not an image. She said her name was Carrie and she wanted the client to know that she always with him, he is never alone.  This had a very emotional effect on the client. Tremendous gift.

Child with allergies, emotional issues: saw him wearing a green hoodie. Took it off. I was guided to understand that this was an actual item of clothing that he owned and that he shouldn’t wear it anymore; it made him feel sick. Told the mother and she said, yes he had one; it was second-hand from an autistic boy. She threw it away.

A client struggling with addiction: saw her in a jail cell. I unlocked it and gave her the key to keep.

There are so many more! Often I see uneven colour and I smooth it around the person evenly. I’ve seen all kinds of problems with feet- heavy boots to be removed, feet slipping on ice, chained ankles. I’ve seen clients in pieces like a puzzle and I put the pieces back together like a mannequin and smoothed out the lines where the connections showed. Often body parts are out of proportion- the head is too big or the arms are too heavy and long. Often I help a client, for example, over a crack in the ice or the earth, or I give them an oar because they’re in a boat with none.

Sometimes I’m directed to give something to the client- an umbrella, a red parachute (newly single woman), a yellow tricycle (he wanted one in the past), a red wagon (so she wouldn’t have to carry so much) etc.

Usually the holographs come out of the client’s heart, but lately, more and more are coming out of chakras.

So, I still don’t know where I learned to do it. I figure I’ve always known and have recently remembered. And I am grateful.

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Facade Healing


Facade healing by Laurie Fraser

Published by Tone Magazine, February 2013

Facade healing is really a prayer that calls in a Divine teacher to clear a certain facade from around the client’s body. I am clairvoyant and I see the facade as a grey body cast extending about two feet around the body.

I use muscle-testing (kinesiology) to communicate with the client’s energy and the energy leads the way, making all decisions. If the energy chooses facade healing out of the options available with me, it will then choose the Divine teacher and lead me through lists of emotions until I find the emotional facade to be healed. For example, I will be led to “fear of not having enough” and the Divine teacher “Jesus” by muscle-testing through menus.

Many times, I feel the presence of the teacher before I find out who it is. It is a feeling a profound love and it gives me chills, a full heart. Sometimes I feel a gentle hand on my left cheek.

I start the procedure by calling in the teacher and naming the emotional facade in a prayer. Then I move my hands to crack the facade open and I stand back. The teacher does the healing. I see tremendous amounts of light and feel a great love when the teacher is doing the work.

When it is finished, the client and I give our thanks, “drain” the old energy, and the teacher usually leaves right then.

A few examples from the past two months:

Divine teacher/ master                 cleared the                         facade of

Archangel Remiel                                                            resistance to transformation

Archangel Michael                                                          fear

Jesus                                                                               sadness (depressed client)

Panther archetype                                                           lack of appetite (cat)

Maat                                                                                 pessimism (depressed cat)

Jesus                                                                                incompetence (for me, learning new healing technique)

Jesus                                                                                unworthiness

Sai Baba                                                                           fatigue (client follows this guru)

Archangel Michael                                                            susceptibility to infection

Hathors (2 came together)                                               loneliness

Mother Mary                                                                    unloved

Facade healing is often very emotional for the client- it’s a great relief to feel Divine love. The client often feels hot or cold, teary and relaxed. Sometimes their body twitches or jumps around a bit. Afterwards, of course, they experience a lessening or elimination of the targeted emotion.

I also do B.O.S. (Bio Operating System),  Reconnective healing and holographic healing. The client does not consciously choose what method will be the most effective for their particular issue- how can the client or I know?  We are led by the client’s energy (some call this the Higher Self or Spirit or Soul) and that’s why it works.

Facade healing has become a more popular choice in the last few months than ever before. I don’t know why- I’m just grateful for the blessings and miracles in our lives.

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I give thanks to my teachers and guides.

As of 2020, I am no longer working with visiting entities. I think that a human such as myself is limited when it comes to detecting corruption in some of these beings. Unless it’s your Grandpa, of course. I’m fine with passing on messages with those visitors. I mean beings who want to help with healings. I didn’t have any bad experiences, I just think there’s a risk.