Flowers in the Sky: Culture and Art

Match the painting to the artist’s country:
Nepal  –  China  –  Canada  –  Congo  –  Iran  –  India

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2. culture-and-art-blog

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Painting and drawing are common activities at the Tulip Festival in Ottawa. Artists set up easels beside a giant tulip bed; some of them are quite talented. My school of 100 adult immigrants went down to see the flowers, and some of the students tried their hand at painting with watercolours. It was a hot day- we set up blankets in the shade.

I love the way they paint from their culture. I noticed that different cultures have different styles. Many Nepalese and Indian students drew colourful leaves and flowers with many petals- sometimes the flowers were in the sky- and they didn’t look like tulips at all. The Chinese often chose the thin brushes and painted with delicate strokes. The Africans almost always put roots on their flowers, and no one from any other culture did that.

Try matching the painting to the artist’s country. Check your answers in the “What have you done for love?”  blog. Do you need a hint? Number 1 is reminiscent of Persian carpet designs.

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