What have you done for love?


I was getting my hair cut the first time it happened. When my hairdresser heard I was quitting my jobs and moving to Turkey to marry a man I’d spent only 3 weeks with, she said, “I wouldn’t do it.”

“Really?” I was genuinely surprised. “Wouldn’t you do it for love?”


“But what if you were head over heels? What if it was the great love of your life?”

“No. I would never take a risk like that.”

I was shocked to learn that many people thought I was mad or silly, even irresponsible and self-destructive. My refrain became, “But wouldn’t you do it for love?” And the majority answered, “Nope.”

At times I felt judged, and I became a little quieter with my joy and my excitement. Protective of it, really. What made people think they could infuse fear into me? They tried- I heard plenty of frightening portrayals of Muslim men in Islamic countries.

So when I wrote The Word Not Spoken I had to make the main character, Leigh, believable. The reader needs to like Leigh, not think she’s crazy or irresponsible. I gave her doubts and time to think. I left her with nothing at home except a job she hated. I gave her a reason to need space from her family. But in truth, I personally did not struggle with the decision. For me, there was no decision at all. I loved him. He loved me. I didn’t need much else.

Why was it so easy for me, I wondered while I wrote. Was it because I’m easily bored? Or because I’m Aries? An adventurer? No…I think I just knew in my gut. And I felt so Alive!

I know I’m not alone. Plenty of people follow their hearts, regardless of the risk. I want to hear from them…from you. I want to know- What have you done for love? Yes, the grand gestures, the sacrifices, the courageous acts of faith…

I want to know if it was worth it. I suspect it’s always worth it- even when we’re disappointed, at least we followed our hearts and learned the outcome- isn’t it worth it to know? Maybe you disagree. Did you give up too much to ever fully recover?

Do we sometimes do too much for love? Where did you draw the line?

Please email me at thewordnotspoken@gmail.com and share:

  • What have you done for love?
  • Was it worth it?
  • Your gender

I am reporting results and interesting stories in this blog as they come in (but only if I have your permission in writing).

Seriously, isn’t the desire to love and be loved the primary motivation for most of our actions? I am 20 years older now, less healthy and strong, but even today, especially today, I would get on that plane.

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